We have arrived in the hot phase of summer, and so when we ask how we overcome this heat halfway and still look good.

In the profession, we expect a certain appearance and also otherwise we would like to look attractive, instead of being sweaty and perceived with lost make-up.

That’s why I summarized my most important summer tips here.


  1. With all the desire for less fabric in your clothing, you should make sure that this is not too tight but still cut far enough that the air can still circulate well. This will be much more comfortable for you than the sweaty clothes that stick to you and your skin leaves little air to breathe.
  2. Even if you cover your skin a bit more here and there, she will thank you very much. You thus delay the risk of sunburn. You will also be astonished that these light fabrics do not make you sweat anymore, but can even give you a slight cooling sensation.
  3. Unpleasant sweat stains are difficult to prevent at a certain temperature. Especially with monochrome or dark fabrics, they are easy to see. To keep them as invisible as possible, choose very light or patterned fabrics so they will not stand out.
  4. Incidentally, the best materials for heat are cotton, linen, viscose, and silk. They have a cooling effect and are breathable. Even with unpleasant smells of sweat, you have much less to fight here.


Is there a certain dress code at your workplace or at an upcoming event that you have to comply with? Then you may be particularly afraid of the hot days. My tips for you:

  1. Especially in formal business, it may be that at high temperatures not only men are expected to continue to wear pants with a long leg. Women usually continue to wear pantyhose when wearing a skirt or dress. Our luck: in the meantime, there are especially light versions with only 5 or 10 DEN (also in a tear-resistant version). Some are also equipped with a cooling effect, which makes this heat bearable and also odor-neutralizing due to the silver ions.
  2. The wearing of these lightweight summer tights still has another positive effect: it prevents the unpleasant chafing of the thighs, which are damp due to sweating, making walking much more pleasant.
  3. Sandals are the first choice at high temperatures. But even for shoes is true: if it is formal, then they should be closed at the front. The solution here is Sling Pumps. So get your troubled feet at least at the back a little air to cool.
  4. Since I myself belong to the chilblains, another special tip: Have a light cloth for all cases, so you can protect yourself not only from too much sunlight but also from a too cold set air conditioning.


Yes, we want to look well-styled, even with the heat. But what to do if the make-up runs away? Here the motto is “less is more” . You do not have to do without everything, but you should pay attention to a few points:

  1. If a primer is too much for you, just use powder, because sweating will make your skin shine much faster than usual. It’s best to have it handy in your purse, then freshen it up anytime.
  2. When you sweat, you can cautiously towelette Use your hand to gently dab your face instead of simply so is retained longer your makeup.
  3. Continue to emphasize your beautiful eyes. Now it is good if you use waterproof eyeliner and mascara. For make-up removal, you may need a correspondingly different make-up remover.
  4. For refreshment, you can also serve a small spray bottle with water, which you carry along with you. Used now and then, it refreshes you wonderfully …


  1. Remember to drink enough! At these hot temperatures, the fluid requirement of your body is also increased. Your body needs it urgently for the metabolic processes, which ensure that you continue to be well. And more water in the cells means fewer wrinkles!
  2. If you find it hard to think about drinking water regularly, then create memories in the form of notes, alarm clocks or a reminder app.
    I’m trying it myself with an app and it works great!


  1. Keep in mind that your fingers may swell a bit in the heat and it might make you feel uncomfortable with the rings. In that case, you may want to forego them for that time and choose a bracelet instead.
  2. Incidentally, sweat is not unproblematic with jewelry, at least when it comes to pearls or costume jewelry. If you still want to wear some, then choose the best for the hot days your silver, gold or stainless steel jewelry.


  1. Do not take the heat lightly but take yourself and your body seriously. So do not just think about drinking a lot and protecting your skin with light clothing, but do not overdo it with sunbathing.
    Regularly and abundantly use a good sunscreen with a high sun protection factor – especially for your face and your hands, because they are much more exposed to the sun’s rays anyway.
    Also remember to wear a hat and good sunglasses, which should also be equipped with a sun protection factor. Although your skin can take a long time, at the latest, when we get older, it shows us very well, what sins we have expected her in previous years.
  2. Treat yourself to more than usual even small breaks in between, in this heat, your body is required more than usual. And stress usually does not make anyone look prettier.


  1. Now finally the bathing season is on. Are you still looking for the right outfit? In my new blog for Lemondays, I’ve put together my detailed swimwear tips for every proportion.
  2. Are you still looking for one or the other beautiful piece of clothing for the summer? Here you can find all the information from me, which is announced in the current summer fashion.

Even if it is a bit too hot from time to time, enjoy the summer season and what it brings with it beautifully.

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