7 things to pull in your wardrobe in 2019

Our wardrobe will be flooded with exciting fashion trends in the new year. From colors to garments to cuts, we show you the latest trends

Seven cool styles dominate the year 2019 and suit both cold and warm temperatures. Retro fans can look forward to seeing different vintage cuts and patterns back in 2019 and definitely get a place in our closet! But we are also happy about very special accessories and a great color. May we introduce these are the seven most important fashion trends for 2019:

1. Butter-yellow

Although Living Coral was chosen by Pantone to the color 2019, this color is an insider tip and comes from the same color family. With its delicate brightness, this soft and feminine yellow dominates the catwalks of fashion shows. In the cold winter months, the pastel yellow is already satisfying our desire for the sun. But even in spring, this wonderful color can be worn wonderfully.

2nd two-parter

With a two-parter, you are not only fast dressed in the morning, but also convinced by fashion awareness. Matching sets consisting of a blazer and trousers, a jacket and a skirt or top and shorts are on everyone’s lips in 2019. They look stylish and are easy to combine. In summer, the long pants are simply exchanged for a light short. A matching T-shirt or a sweater, a pair of sneakers and the look are done.

3. Bucket hat

The so-called fishing hats will grace the heads of countless fashion women this year. At first glance, the bucket hats may not be for everyone but can protect us from dangerous sunshine in hot weather. In monochrome or patterned these mostly rain repellent hats are definitely worth a try!

4th West

The time the West is back! Whether in denim or fabric: The vest is a great transitional garment and should therefore not be underestimated. In winter it can warm us down and in summer we choose cool denim vests.

5. Puffed sleeve

According to Google, the 80s fashion was one of the most popular fashion keywords of the year 2018. And even at the beginning of the year, many designers showed puffed sleeves and the like on the catwalks. To the next second-hand shops or to Mama in the wardrobe!

6. Batik pattern

The well-known from the 70s Batik Pattern or Tie Dye is a native of Indonesia dyeing process. The parts today remind us of the time of the hippies, youth and rebellion. In 2019 blazers and T-shirts in batik look will be back on our trend list. And the best part: Countless video tutorials already show us how to color old t-shirts even in batik! Not only trendy but also sustainable.

7. Micro-bags

Everything that was 2018 Mini will be even smaller in 2019! The so-called micro-bags are indeed cute, but unfortunately, it does not fit into it. Nevertheless, we can not avert our eyes from the small models. Anyone who has made the intention in the new year to put his cell phone down more often could reach the goal with one of these micro-bags. In the evening, only a little money, lipstick, and the ticket fit in. Social Detox

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