Stylish Asian Men Hairstyles and Cuts for 2021

With numerous breathtaking Asian Men hairstyles, choosing just one cut and style can be difficult.

Great Asian haircuts for men offer countless possibilities for hairstyles, from modern short hair to medium and long haircuts.

Asian men are distinguished for their straight hair and the ability to move on any hairstyle. Asian men have always been the center of the best hair trends, influencing new sumptuous Japanese and Korean hairstyles.

Haircuts for Asian men are not distinctive from other hair natures.

The only thing to remember is the flexibility and compactness of the hair for the best overall appearance.

Just explore your favorite hairstyle and how much time it will take before practicing the new style.

Take into account the natural characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of your hair.

Quirky Asian Men Hairstyles

Here we give you a complete guide about Asian hairstyles men mostly like to motivate you to achieve and style this great appearance.

  1. Classic Haircut for Asian Men

Classic Haircuts for Asian Men

The classic Asian men’s haircut has a professional look for its sleek and elegant shape. This hair type does not have a big difference in the length between the top and the sides, so there is no irregular and unusual appearance.

It’s easy to maintain this style just by spending little time in it.

  1. Korean Pop Asian Haircuts

Nowadays, numerous men and boys worldwide choose Korean pop designer hair that looks like a bowl cut, and hairdressers and hair stylists often use this type of haircut.

K-Pop, one of the most popular types of music in South Korea, has helped create many hairstyles of this type for Asian men.

  1. Wild Child

Wild Child Haircut for Asian Men

This hairstyle is perfect for those who want their hair simple but a little bolder, like Korean star Kim Sung-Kyu swaying with this tapered haircut with short and straight sides.

  1. Asian Men Undercut Fade

Undercut Fade Asian Men’s hairstyle is a multifaceted design that can combine with many modern hairstyles such as slicked back, Quiff, and spiky.

Undercut Fade is a style in which the top hairs are left long while the sides are cut short because this haircut is a member of long-top and short sides classes.

  1. Samurai Bun Hairstyle

Samurai Bun Hairstyle for Men

Samurai Bun Asian Men Haircut comes from the samurai, the ancestral fighter of Japan. Samurai Bun is a classical Asian and inspiring hairstyle that men still love.

If you want to have a samurai bun, you must have long hair, so care for your hair as you start to style a Samurai bun.

  1. School Boy

School Boy is probably one of your favorite Asian men’s haircuts with a medium fade with a long top and super short sides.

Always comb the top of your hair to the side to give it a different look so you would impress the people around you.

  1. Two-Block Haircut

Two-Block Haircuts for Asian Men

A two-Block haircut is a style in which the top is left long as natural, but the sides and back are stripped.

A Two-Block haircut is considered one of the classical Asian men’s hairstyles. This popular style is mainly known as the Asian men’s hairstyle.

  1. Side Part Asian Men Hairstyles & Haircut

Side part Asian cut is made by dividing the hair into two parts using a comb and is tied/fixed there.

The sides and back can be left long or cut to your liking. The appearance of this Side Part Asian haircut is that type of classic hairstyle, which is the first choice of every man with leadership traits.

  1. Asian Men Fade Cut

Asian Men Fade Haircut Style

Fade is associated with many hairstyles sometimes, and you first need to choose your favorite fade variation from low Fade, medium fade, high Fade, skin fade, drop fade, and taper fade, then create your favorite hairstyle at the top.

This style of Asian Men Fade is typical and famous in Asian countries and all around the world.

  1. Messy medium

The Messy Medium hairstyle is a traditional Japanese and Korean haircut look. It is also one of the top best and quirky haircuts for Asian Men.

This rumpled mediocre-length hairstyle with a lot of jazz may be one of your top favorites.

  1. Top Knot Undercut

Top Knot Undercut for Men

This hairstyle is achieved through a creative urban spin on the undercut. In addition to the two fading lines at the temples, this hairstyle has a more extended section with the bleached ends pulled back into a neat bun.

  1. Sharp-Edged Faux Hawk

Sharp-Edged Faux Hawk is a discount for guys who like to go out to the hair salon! This haircut not only requires a lot of attention from the description of your hairdresser but also requires a long mirror every day to make sure everything is perfect.

  1. Classic Slicked Back

Classic Slicked Back cut for Asina men

It restores the slicked glossy gel with the whitewall side; it doesn’t take much effort. As long as you’re committed to keeping the classic tapered cut neat, all you need to do is gel-cut it, and you’re good to go.

  1. Layered Two-Block Haircut

This soft-textured, layered cut is slightly longer on top than the sides and can be achieved with minimal effort by just keeping your hair healthy.

Layered Two-Block is one of the sweetest and easiest Asian Men hairstyles.

  1. Mohawk with Edge

Mohawk with Edge cut for asian men

Mohawk side hairstyles are an excellent choice for the type of guy who likes to go it alone. Of all the Asian hairstyles, this is the type of look you can achieve at home with just a pair of scissors and a few mirrors.

Not very precise, although the structural line is cut out alongside.

  1. Asian Bowl Cut

The bowl cut may have been an embarrassing surplus in the past few years. However, this look is anything but stylish and very current for a young man who loves attention.

  1. Side Swept with Classic Taper

Side Swept with Classic Taper Cut for Men

This hairstyle has curls that draw attention to the top and gently flatten Fade towards the neck.

These cuts do not require much styling or care, as long as your hair has a natural texture which is absolutely food for guys.

  1. French Crop with Bangs

French hairstyles are perfect for beautiful, creative, and fashionable guys. It is lovely and unparalleled.

This simple styling allows you to show off your hair type with minimal care. Join or create it yourself; that’s where you go!

  1. Tousled Wavy Taper

If you like a combination of clean and relaxed cuts, this bake style could be for you. The tousled wavy taper Asian men hair has a long top with an imperceptibly wavy texture and shorter back and sides to keep it from looking messy.

  1. Ponytail with Undercut

Ponytail with Undercut for asian men

Ponytail with undercut is an increasingly popular Hairstyle for Asian men. The razor cut in the front gives this unique hairstyle extra attention.

If you have long hair to make a ponytail, you must try this outstanding and unique ponytail with an undercut.

  1. Combed Over

This style is slightly tapered at the sides and the back for a clean look. Keeping the top fairly tall to grow and comb the hair will restrict your hair from disturbing you by entering your eyes or disguising your forehead.

  1. Medium Curly Taper

Simple long, curly hair that begins to taper at the ears is a relaxed style that’s easy to control. Apply a little gel or mousse to damp hair and let it act!

  1. French Crop

French Crop cut for asian men

In this French cut, Asian men’s hairstyle, the back, and sides of the head are very compact, with a little more length brushed forward at the top.

This haircut is a twirl on the Caesar Cut hairstyle with the same slight bangs.

  1. Buzz Cut

Men who prefer to spend time washing and styling should opt for short, single-length hairstyles.

Haircuts like this don’t need the best – you need to cut regularly with scissors!

A Guide to how to choose the Right Hairstyle for you:

Recognize the shape of your face:

The shape of someone’s face matters a lot while choosing the hairstyle for you. For example, if you know that the shape of your face is round and your hairs are thick with huge volume, you should avoid styling with broad facets.

Also, short Asian men’s hairstyles are different from long men’s.

Here’s a brief overview of the style features that every face shape should avoid:


Avoid excessive volume on the sides; add volume at the top.


Avoid height above the edges together with the shaving sides.


Avoid chunky bangs (like French bangs or Caesar cut)


Avoid heights at the top; find a more balanced style.

Look at the Hairline:

Asian hairs pile up on the hairline, making them thicker. If you are not careful, a haircut that is too short at the front can stick to the hairline.

Asian men’s long hairstyles and pushing back can give you extra thickness on the hairline. In this way, you are using the natural tendency of your hair to work, not against you.

Be careful not to dilute the Scissors:

Because Asian Men Hairstyles is naturally thick and straight, your stylist can tempt you to get rid of thinning scissors and cut most of your hair.

Too much of it will disfigure the hair and make the heads too thin. Be sure to work with a stylist who will lighten the hair with scissors and gradual layers as needed.

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