Best Men’s Haircuts By Face Shape for 2023

Men’s Haircuts are one of the unique ways to enhance the beauty of your face and hair look.

So you are Getting the right haircut is one of the most essential elements of looking and feeling good.

Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing the right cut, men’s haircuts can be tricky. That’s why it’s important to consider your face shape when choosing a hairstyle.

Here is a guide to the best men’s haircuts for each face shape:

Oval Face:

    • Side Part – This is a classic cut with a modern twist. The fade and sharp line create an edgier look, while the side part imparts an air of sophistication.
    • Crew Cut – The crew cut look is classic and timeless, while the beefed-up sides give it a modern touch. This cut works well on men with oval faces as it can enhance the face shape.
    • Side-Swept Fringe – This style is both classic and modern. The side-swept fringe adds a masculine touch, while the choppy layers give it a modern edge.

men's haircuts for oval faces

Round Face:

    • Undercut – An undercut is a great option for men with round faces. The shorter sides give the face a more angular look, while the longer top adds texture and depth.
    • High and Tight – This cut is classic, yet trendy. The high and tight achieves the perfect balance between smart and casual, while the higher sides add volume to the face.
    • Textured Crop – Men with round faces can benefit from the textured crop. The choppy layers create visual interest, while the textured lengths add height to the face.

Square Face:

men's haircuts for Square Face

    • Slicked Back – Men with square faces can benefit from the slicked-back cut. The neat look with a tamed side part creates an orderly look that will accentuate the angular features of the face.
    • High Fade – This cut is stylish and sleek. The high fade adds a modern touch, while the longer top adds volume to the face.
    • Textured Quiff – The textured quiff is perfect for men with square faces. The quiff adds height and volume while the textured lengths add definition to the face.

No matter what your face shape is, there is a perfect haircut for you. With a bit of research and a good stylist, you can find the perfect cut that accents your features. With the right style, you can look your best every day.

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