8 Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls to Try in 2022

Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls are so simplistic that you only require a few minutes to do them. For an even more glamorous look, set aside a few extra minutes to get the look your little one will love. You can try these simple hairstyles for kids of all ages and if you have any skill levels.

Check out below for updates on cute little girls’ hairstyles, along with pictures of cute braided hairstyles for little black girls and tips for making them your own.

Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls

Cute Pigtails/ Cornrow Hairstyle

The Pigtails Cornrows hairstyle is an excellent option for little girls with thick hair. This cute little girl hairstyle enhances the beauty and charm of little girls as the most favorite hairstyle.

This Cornrows haircut uses two focal points. One point is at the top of the head and the other lower in the middle or side. In the end, tie all the braids into a ponytail, and you will love this style.

Also, if your little one’s hair naturally grows in two different directions, it will become easy for you to get this hairstyle ideally on their hair.

Little Girls Ponytail with Braids/ Cornrow Hairstyle

Ponytails are also a great idea to make a perfect hairstyle for little girls with braids. Ponytails with braids are one of the cute cornrows hairstyles for little girls that you will want to practice on your daughter’s hair regularly.

You can use multiple techniques to design your daughters’ cornrows hair. The best choice for cornrows is to twist them or make twine braids. The braids in this hairstyle are more textured and thicker.

So you can add coloured wires to make them more attractive. Adding a side ponytail in this hairstyle keeps the hair neatly gathered and out of the face to keep you relaxed and calm.

Unique Braided Mohawk Cornrow

Mohawk Cornrow hairstyles are famous among black girls as well as white and brunette girls. This braided Mohawk hairstyle is unique and perfect for any girl who loves braids.

This inspirational hairstyle for little girls is simple to do but more charming. The thicker and thinner cornrows are pulled back and then fused with extensions to make hearty Mohawk buns.

The braided Mohawk hairstyle is a chic style that you and your girls will want to do in everyday life and on special occasions.

Braids for Black Girls with Long Hair

Braiding hair is well-known and most practiced hairstyle technique among African American girls. Most of the girls in Africa and America are inspired by these braided hairstyles.

This hairdo is essentially one of the absolute cute hairstyles for little black girls with long hair. Braiding is a fun and classic way to show off long hair.

You can make braids however you like, and your little one will surely love having them on special occasions. Little girls and moms are especially interested in braided hairstyles because this hairstyle keeps their hair away from the face.

French-Braided Hair for Little Black Girls

French hairstyles have been famous for a long time, and they still bear the exact resemblance among little and young girls. It is also a hairstyle that girls want to practice in their daily life.

These French braids are perfect for girls with long, thick hair. As everyone knows, long, thick hair is difficult to manage.

The braided hairstyle is, therefore, a perfect choice. You need to create two tight French braids that extend down the back. This hairstyle will keep your little girl’s hair out of her face and hold her cute simultaneously.

Wild Black Curls

Besides the hairstyle with braids and cornrows, there are also other cute hairstyles for little girls like curls that are famous.

Just like every mom wants her kid to be perfect, these wild black curls are excellent for looking and looking her best. However, your daughter often wants to get rid of the hairbrush and go to the playground.

When it comes to easy hairstyles for little black girls, this can be your saving grace. Long, curly bangs take less than a minute to style and have profound cuteness benefits.

Bubble Ponytail

A bubble ponytail is one of those easy hairstyles to achieve, and your daughter is cute too. Smooth sides look very classy and stylish, particularly when the top of the hair is pulled up and turned together.

You can easily do this hairstyle as there is no complexity in this style. Just take some hair from the centre of the front, tie it back, and keep doing the same.

Tawny beads on the top of the hair and golden thread wrapped around the fringe gives it a final look. The gold thread also keeps loose hairs from falling out of the bangs and keeps this style up to date and modern.

Side Ponytail for Little Black Girl

This hairstyle has a ponytail that moves sideways before being tied into a ponytail at one end using braids. It’s a cute look, and little girls will love the way the ponytail braids fall over their shoulders.

In this style, the curved cornrows flow smoothly from the front to the sides from where the full ponytail begins. It will be perfect if you use hair gel to straighten the hair around the cornrow and the front hair. This hairstyle is also the best cute ponytail hairstyle for black girls to do regularly.


Caring for a child’s hair is easy when you have a little knowledge. Use all these simple and easy to do cute hairstyles for little girls to make your little one look beautiful.

Just like little girls, young girls are very concerned about their appearance. We have assembled some of the above hairdos for your assistance. Ponytails, various braid hairstyles and cornrow hairstyles are there from which you can choose your favourite.

From pony puffs to Cornrows designs, cute hairstyles for little girls are a bonus for their beloved little faces. For those who are looking for braided hairstyles for little girls, we have many options. Besides these braid styles, you will also get other new styles and ponytails for your little girls.

You will not get how to do these hairstyles on your hair. Some hairstyles are so simple that you can do them at home without much effort. Finding the right haircut for you and the little one will reduce almost all your tension.

You need to take a few of your favourite hairstyles and make them into your routine. After this, you can make every day special and unique for your little girls with different hairstyles. Only a few hair accessories are needed, such as bows, hair bands, clips, and flowers.

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