Fantastic Spring Nail Trends 2023 for Girls

Spring Nail Trends in the 2023 season quickly approaching, and the latest fashion trends in nails are beginning to emerge.

From classic designs to futuristic art pieces, the following nail trends have been spotted all over Instagram and beyond, and are guaranteed to get heads turning.

Contrasting Patterns

Contrasting patterns are an easy and popular way to show off your style. Whether you choose to pair classic stripes with bright florals or a subtle glitter pattern with an edgy matte, this style is sure to make a statement.

Contrasting Patterns nails

Dazzling Accents

Dazzling accents are a great way to add a bit of bling to your look. Think diamond-encrusted designs, rhinestones, and pearl details. Not to mention – this trend works great on just one nail or in combination with other nail designs.


Glitter has always been a classic way to jazz up a look, and the good news is that it looks to stay on trend for the upcoming spring season. Whether you choose to use it for designs, French tips, or as a full-on glitter nail, it’s sure to be a hit!

glitter acrylic nails

Transparent Polish

Transparent polish is also a major hit for 2023 spring, as ladies are taking advantage of the subtle chic look that this trend brings. From sheer to jelly finishes, this style is becoming quite the go-to for a variety of different looks.

Metallic Manicure

Last but certainly not least, Metallics is making a huge splash for 2023 spring. If you’re going for an edgier look, then metallic manicures are a great choice. It has a cool, futuristic feel and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

metallic french manicure

As you can see, the 2023 spring nail trends are sure to be exciting when it comes to nail trends. From contrasting patterns to dazzling accents and glitter, there’s a trend for everyone to enjoy. So don’t be afraid to get creative, and have fun with your nails this upcoming season!

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