10 Fashion Tips For Little Women

Just because you’re a few inches smaller does not mean that you’re not bursting with inner size. But even if you can not change your height: You can influence the subjective perception by cleverly directing the viewer’s gaze into the vertical. How does it work? With the help of a fashion expert, we have collected super easy tips for your big performance.

Where does “small” start? – The average size of the German woman

Women who are not as tall as most of their female counterparts are often annoyed that, because of their size, they are considered younger or sometimes not perceived as authority figures on the job. But when do women really start out as small? The German average woman is just 1.65 meters tall and weighs 68.4 kg. In concrete terms, this means that women up to a height of 1.64 meters are considered small and may have difficulty finding the right clothes. That’s why we show you which clothes, pants, and shoes are the best for little women.

Our expert Stephanie Grupe, the fashion whisperer, also noted a special need: “My readers often asked me for fashion and outfit tips especially for small women. Many of the fashion trends are made for tall and slim women. Many small women feel disadvantaged and often do not know which trends they can wear at all. “

Fashion for little women: where the challenge lies and how the online shops adapt

According to our expert, the problems of small women are primarily caused by the fact that they can not spread extra kilos over the length and thus attract attention more quickly than stoutly. In our society, the long legs are the ideal of beauty, the fashion whisperer states. As a result, garments often do not fit because they are tailored to the proportions of taller women with longer legs. It is not uncommon for small women to become embarrassed to have to go to children’s departments – especially when it comes to shoes.

Many small women want to be bigger in order to be more present in a group of people.

“And then there is the psychological component: many small women want to work bigger to be more present in a group of people. Small women often believe that they need to do a lot more to attract attention. And finally, there is the childish scheme, which unfolds unwanted effect on small, petite women. But small and large women want to be taken seriously as strong, self-confident and above all adult personalities. “

It is no longer a challenge for little women to find beautiful fashion. Many online shops like Asos, Landsend or Boden offer special fashion for them. Here the cuts are paid attention to the right proportions and the right trouser and skirt length. “Petite” , for example, is the name of the collection in the Asos shop, which is tailored to the size of women up to 1.60 m. Here are especially beautiful dresses for little women. A large selection of pants in short sizes, you get among others at Heine.

10 tips for the big performance of little women

The fashion whisperer advises: “All the fashionable details that stretch and thus emphasize the vertical are beneficial, while any cuts, patterns, or color combinations that tend to emphasize the width of the body tend to be detrimental. Basically, small women should cautiously deal with voluminous garments. Because only a few centimeters more space between fabric and body makes the body contour appear stronger and that can already make a big difference in perception. “

1. The colors do it: tone-on-tone stretches the stature

With the principle of the “color column,” you choose your outfit within a single color shade, which differs only in nuances. Monochrome combinations stretch the body and make it look bigger, “because it creates a vertical unity that lacks horizontal breaks and allows the eye to move freely from top to bottom and back. That gives the impression of more size. ”

So that it does not get boring, you can combine different materials in your monochrome outfit and round off everything with loosening jewelry. This provides the necessary variety in the look and yet for a homogeneous body image that does not miss its effect on the viewer.

“For example, a small woman could put together a complete look in bright and mid-blue blues: light blue jeans, a light blue blouse and a blazer in a mid-blue tone. The shoes could then be held in a blue, brown or gray tone, which corresponds to the brightness of about the jeans. ”

2. Fine patterns: Small, vertical patterns and style elements guide the eye

You probably already know the trick: vertical stripes are the absolute classic when it comes to looking taller and slimmer. But other vertical patterns, creases, skirt slots, zippers, and button plackets create a vertical view of the viewer: The intended stretching effect is thus perfectly managed.

Caution: Large, horizontal patterns stretch the stature. These include the beloved cross stripes.

3. Slim cut: figure-hugging garments and flowing fabrics conjure up a smooth silhouette

Cuts that emphasize your figure making you look elegant and taller. It’s best to put on slim pants, the well-tried pencil skirt, and A-line skirts. Watch out for a pleasantly falling fabric that gently lays around your curves.

At most one garment with more fabric volume per outfit is enough. The rest of the outfit should be cut rather figure close.

Wall-hung clothing such as maxi dresses, oversized sweaters or capes are modern, but let you quickly lost because of missing contours. Show your figure instead!

4. Short jacket: Short jackets or vests extend the upper body

An emphasized waist also directs the viewer’s gaze so that you look bigger for him. For example, this works wonderfully with tight jackets or vests: You shift your waist up a bit, which makes the whole body stretch out. Empire-style tops or dresses – they feature a darts directly under the bust – have the same effect. Little chubby women should make sure that the jackets are not too tight or too short. This looks fast stocky.

Caution is advised in girlish fashion in pink with lots of ruffles: This underscores the cute image that is already awarded to smaller women because of their petite body measurements. You can weaken the effect by a clever combination – such as with a blazer. However, if you want to use this factor purposefully, you can of course resort to romantic looks.

5. Neckline and collar: V-necklines effectively stretch the overall picture

The v-neck looks like an arrow downwards and therefore visually accentuates the vertical. Of course, you do not have to come up with an additional murder decollete – that would probably rather have the effect that the viewer’s gaze gets stuck right there.

6. Long pants: skinny jeans and high-waist trousers make for longer legs

Pants are always a tiresome topic for short-legged women because they are far too infrequent and, above all, because they always look much better on long legs. With the tight-fitting skinny jeans or the high-waisted high-waisted pants, you’ll also be able to widen your long legs.

Caution: Wide-legged and loose-fitting pants make the legs appear wider and thus automatically shorter. But if you do not want to do without Marlene pants, look for a high waist.

7. Short Skirts and Shorts: Show your legs

Skirts and dresses that end at least a hand’s breadth above the knee, show more of the legs and extend it. The same goes for shorts. These also provide a longer overall picture when they end above the knee.

Some women in the office are afraid to show too much leg – how about opaque tights in this case? Best in the same color as the shoes. That stretches as well. Even skirts and tights in the same color help women with short legs to a stretched appearance.

8. High shoes: heels stretch objectively and subjectively

If you have not already internalized this tip, you should do it as soon as possible and resort to it as often as possible: high heels stretch the leg, as they objectively lengthen it by the height of the heel. This makes the entire leg look longer and narrower. If you now want to grab the 12-centimeter hoes, stop: five centimeters are enough. The longest legs are useless if a woman waddles in her shoes like a duck.

“Another trick may seem insignificant, but has a big impact: Wear shoes with a pointed cap in the same color as your pants – or in nude. Through the tip of the leg is visually elongated and the skin tone, the leg apparently no longer visually stops – because there is no clearly offset final point, which could fix the eye.

9. Accessories: Filigree jewelry and medium-sized handbags are a must-have

It is also important that little women do not choose all accessories too big. When handling accessories and handbags, Stephanie Grupe recommends that “small women do not choose all accessories too big. This means that small women should rather resort to smaller bags and also should prefer rings with rings, necklaces, and bracelets more delicate specimens. Please do not choose compact, bulky pieces. “

However, the expert adds that women can now and then wear a genuine statement necklace as long as it is filigree. She even describes it as an advantage if she gives herself an eye-catcher relatively high in this way.

10. Refined Hair: Grow a few inches with the right hairstyle

Not only with the right fashion for little women, but also with your hairstyle, you can quickly tuck in a few inches. For this, you make yourself simply an updo, a high set ponytail or wearing a trendy headscarf. Conclusion: minimal use, big effect.

Fashion for Little Women: Emphasize Your Benefits!

As you can see, you can wear almost anything and, in terms of fashion, you only have to follow a few rules. Maybe you do not want to cheat more, but you are absolutely satisfied with your height. Little stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kylie Minogue finally show how it works.

It is therefore very general: Emphasize your privileges, rather than anything added or wegzumogeln. Do you have a narrow waist? Great, then stress it confidently! Your mouth is swinging nice? Then put an accent with red lipstick! If you feel comfortable in your own skin and look for an upright posture, you will look much bigger.

Stephanie Grupe confirms that: “Basically, the needs of small and large women do not differ so much: they want to balance their stronger built body areas proportionally so that they do not attract attention. And they want to emphasize their chocolate sides to make them look pretty and attractive. Fortunately, body size does not matter at all – a great personality with charisma. “

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