Fashion Trends For Men In The Summer Of 2019?

Which fashion trends will men wear in 2019? So much we can say: The sportswear has arrived in the everyday wardrobe, at the same time combinations with business elements remain popular.
in a suit in gray or blue, with a striped shirt and a tie – this was for a long time the dress code for men in the job. In leisure time, the fashion statement was limited to a shirt and jeans. Of course, there are all these garments in the current men’s fashion. Nevertheless, a lot has happened. The man of today is more adventurous. “In general, the boundaries between private and professional blur more and more in men’s fashion,” observes style consultant Katharina Starley from Wiesbaden. In this sense, classic business fashion can increasingly be combined with casual clothing pieces from leisure time.

Gerd Müller-Thomkins, Managing Director of the German Fashion Institute in Cologne, cites examples: “The shirt for a suit is just as much a part of this development as the hoodie for the jacket. Both often replace the shirt with a suit in the spring. “That can be both casual and classy. Occasionally, the style mix expresses itself only in details: “There are noble trousers in the coming season, which are equipped with a drawstring,” explains fashion consultant Andreas Rose from Frankfurt. “Since fashion from the sports sector has influenced everyday life.” A look at other trendy pieces:

Trend 1 – The vest

With the new chic nonchalance comes a garment increasingly worn, which had a rather grandfatherly image for a long time: the vest. “It’s getting a stylish upgrade with new material structures and colors,” says Müller-Thompkins. For image consultant Starley, the vest is, therefore, an indispensable piece of clothing, because a man always looks stylishly dressed. “Even if you do without a jacket.”

Trend 2 – The polo shirt

Not only the vest presents itself in a new guise. Polo shirts also come back. They are the perfect mix of business and leisurewear. “They are sportier than shirts and dressed as shirts,” says Müller-Thompkins. Polos are no longer worn only for chino or jeans. “In combination with the suit and blazer, they represent a new smart chic”, says the expert from the fashion institute. Even the polos themselves are becoming more casual: they now also carry graphic patterns, and models in terry are popular. Also in demand are sporty stripes and well visible logos.

Trend 3 – The Hawaiian Shirt

Of course, the classic shirt does not go out of fashion. But this part presents itself in this spring and summer casual and easy. “Airy cuts, simple stand-up collars, and subtle designs are the focus here,” explains Müller-Thompkins. In addition to floral and abstract jungle motifs, a particular variant is announced – but this only in the free time: “The Hawaiian shirt is back – and brings a lot of holiday feeling,” says Rose. Above all, dark primary colors are new to it, which brings out the lighter flowers well.

Trend 4 – The Chino

“After many seasons, in which men’s pants were cut very narrow, they will now continue again,” reports style consultant Starley. The trouser styles are also based on the sportswear. This is especially true when they run narrower towards the bottom. “Through and through sporty are the Chinos, which are extremely popular again in the spring,” says fashion consultant Rose. “They present themselves with patch pockets and zippers traditionally in the Workerstyle.”

Trend 5 – longer jackets

Tight cuts are slow out – even with the jackets. “In general, you can see longer shapes here,” explains Müller-Thompkins. “The cuts are more casual and the lapel again fuller.”

Trend 6 – Strong colors

sportswear is often very colorful. For some time now, that has also been a factor in the general fashion. “A real eye-catcher is a firefighter, which is used boldly in blousons, knitwear, and hoodies,” explains Müller-Thompkins. Even logos and logos are only partially highlighted, but it still works here “always bright, loud and loud”. This also applies to another color in men’s fashion: yellow. “This color attracts attention not only in streetwear but also in the casual segment.” In addition, the men’s fashion has yet discovered a tone that seems at first glance unusual for men – pink. In combination with brown or olive, this color sets great accents.

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