Classic High and Tight Fade Haircuts for Men

The High and Tight Fade Haircuts for Men is one of the oldest styles you will ever come across. Well, we have the answer to your question! Men in the past had this hairstyle.

Then there was a trend of keeping hair long, but now, the short hairstyle is back in fashion.

You must have seen so many men on the streets, at a party or a meeting, and even your professors at school with the same haircut style.

We know it keeps you wondering, “What on earth?” and why these men are so obsessed with the same hairstyle.

Plus fade haircuts for men are for every face shape and every type of hair – straight, wavy, or curly. Even if you are going bald, we would not recommend you get a PRP or a transplant.

We suggest you keep calm and try one of our classy Men Hairstyles that you think will suit your look. Let’sLet’s take a look! Be open to suggestions from your friends, family, and hairdresser.

Jar Head Cut

Have you seen men in the military? They have jarhead cuts. That’s a high and tight fade haircut that is completely faded from the sides.

Jar High and Tight Haircuts
Jar High and Tight Haircuts

It has hair slightly longer from the top, which fades in motion when it reaches the back. A grown and clean-shaped beard with this haircut gives a smart and subtle look.

Short High and Tight Fade Haircuts

That’sThat’s especially for men who are going bald. Please don’t go on the urge of shaving your head. A bit of hair also gives a sophisticated look, with no doubt.

Short High and Tight Fade Haircuts
Short High and Tight Fade Haircuts

So, this is a short high and tight fade haircut that sides that are obviously, completely shaved followed by short hair on the top. This gives a plain look, but a beard will complement your overall look, we bet!

Forward Swept High and Tight

This is an extremely professional high and tight fade haircut. If you want this style, you need to be serious about it. This haircut has 2 to 3 inches of hair on the top, followed by layers cut on the sides and back.

Swept High and Tight Fade Haircuts
Swept High and Tight Fade Haircuts

The layers create volume and movement with hair swept forward from the front. If you go to work with a suit on, then you need to get this haircut. Good pair of sunglasses with a matching belt and oxford shoes will give a dapper look.

These three are the best styles for men’s. If you think it will be easy to maintain, then you are wrong. Short hair, especially, these take a bit of an effort. If you take care of your hair, people around you will want to take care of you. Wink*, yeah, we mean girls.

But for taking care of high and tight fade haircuts, you will need some products that will keep the look alive even when your face will be otherwise.

You can use are:

1) American crew classic powder and

2) Bubble and bumble surf spray.

After showering and blow-drying, apply these products, and you are good to go!

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