Latest Pixie Hairstyles and Cuts – Modern Twist this Year

The latest pixie hairstyles will get exhibited in this post. Indeed, pixie hairstyles are the one that boosts up the exquisiteness of a female. Before enchanting the souls, what are pixie hairstyles?

Well! Pixie hairstyles elongate the neck, making the eyes and cheekbones alluring. Recalling the Hollywood fashion industry, there are so many personalities like Rihanna, Halle Berry and many others who wore pixie notion. In the tunnel of the latest pixie hairstyles, you are not the least one to freshen up your beauty this year.

Here is a montage of hairstyles to go through that will be surely helpful in making the feminine aura much more fascinating.

Latest Pixie Hairstyles

Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

Undercut pixie hairstyles work for all sorts of faces and hair thicknesses. It gives a deep side part to the female which is much longer than it is.

To give it a smooth style use blow-drying crème, a good brush, flat iron to make the ends smoother and hair spray.

Texture Galore Hairstyle

Are you a lover to add texture to the hair along with a pixie hairstyle? This haircut can work easily on all face types with hair densities.

Try volumizing spray offered by Paul Mitchell. Start applying root booster, blow-dry using fingers, do use wax and at the end mist hair with hair spray.

Bowl Shaped Pixie Hairstyle

Yes! It’s indeed a bowl-shaped pixie hairstyle that will channel up your inner Twiggy. To style up, use the healing Oil Treatment offered by Macadamia.

Now how to style your pixie? Use blow dry lotion from roots to tips, use a flat iron to smooth front, 1-inch curling iron, little bit argon oil and mist hair with enhancing hair spray.

Indie Princess Pixie Hairstyle

Intend to work out, rush on a concert or go outside with chaps? This indie princess hairstyle has a cult of attraction.

There is no need to get worried as it will work out for all faces and hair densities. You can style up by brushing up from roots to tips, ruffling hair with fingers and mist with spray finally making it enchanting.

Slicked Pixie Hairstyle

This slicked back hairstyle looks more professional and stylish as compared to other professional hairstyles. Start applying the gel from roots to tips, blow dry them, add a small amount of wax and mist with hair spray in the end.

Big Bang Hairstyle

The big bang hairstyle has a longer top with a shorter back. For this, you have to comb your hair forwardly to make a heavy fringe. While styling the hair, use shine serum, flat iron bangs towards the face, blow-dry lotion and hair spray to mist hair.

Indeed, feminine aura gets more boosted through pixie hairstyles. With the passage of time, the mod has come with modern twists and bends that are adding up exceptionality in the tunnel of pixie hairstyle. Women who have tried pixie so far felt sexier, cool and trendier than before.

Thereby, start having the cult of accessories used in pixie hairstyles to look more enchanting this winter.

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