10 Best Purple Nail Designs & Arts You Must Try

Purple nail designs and the color that blends the best with all other shades. When it comes to nail designs, there’s no question as to which type of nail design is best for you.

Here you can see the 10 unique and different types of nails, each with its own and perfect benefits. But what you may not know is that all of these nails have one common goal: to make your nails look purple.

Purple is the most popular type of nail, but every type of nail has their own benefits. Here are 10 of the best purple nail designs that will make you look more attractive and hotter.

Pure purple gel nails

The best way to get colorful nails is to paint them with different colors of nail polish. You can decorate your nails with nail gems and nail stickers. But why be so limited to only those two? If you are tired of the same old look, why not try getting gel nails?

Gel nails are long lasting, they stay glossy and, they’re durable. You won’t have to worry about polish chipping off your nails. They’re perfect for nail art and they look absolutely stunning! Gel nails are a great way to express yourself!

best purple nail designs

Glitter purple nails

When it comes to getting a glitter nail with purple color then there are multiple colors to choose from. But purple, specifically glitter purple, is the most attractive color for people. It’s most popular in spring and summer, but it’s a year-round choice!

It’s just so bright and eye-catching that everyone can’t help but stare. It brings out your eyes and makes you look younger. Not only is it a great choice for manicures, but it’s also important to remember this color at Halloween and costume parties!

Light purple Coffin nails

Purple coffin nails are a wonderful way to stand out against a black outfit. While many people wear black to funerals, purple coffin nails are a great way to express your individuality and to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Purple has never been the most popular color for nails, but it has a great look to them. They’re a lot like regular nails, just purple!

They’re a great way to go with a Halloween costume or with any other type of outfit you want without feeling like it’s a costume!

Ombre purple nails

Ombre nails are the perfect style and addition to any outfit. They’re subtle enough to be in style without standing out too much and can be paired with anything!

Here are the steps to achieving perfect ombre nails. First, paint your nails a solid shade of purple. Allow for it to dry thoroughly!

What’s the point of doing this step if you don’t let it dry? Once your nails are dry, take a toothpick and apply a drop of darker purple to the tip of your nails and then allow to dry!

Purple Cat eye nails

A new unique beauty trend has been gaining traction with millennials. Purple cat eye nails exude power and confidence! The purple color can be complimented with bright and bold clothes or even a simple black choker.

Some people believe that purple is a color that represents the spiritual world, so wearing this type of nail art can really make you feel on top of the world and keep you grounded at the same time.

Almond purple nails

Almond is a purple nail polish color. It’s a beautiful color with lots of versatility. You can paint your nails a bright purple or a more pastel shade and still get the almond effect.

You can even buy it in a glossy or matte finish and make it look glossy. It goes with a lot of outfits and you can even use it as an accent when you’re wearing other shades of purple.

When you put on almond purple nails, you’ll stand out from everyone else!

Metallic purple nails

Metallic, purple nails are very popular in the fashion world today. Purple is probably one of the most unique colors in the world. It’s a color that is unlike any other. Purple represents royalty and luxury, a very positive quality.

Metallic is a trend that is here to stay. It gives your nails a shiny and blingy look, which is very eye-catching. This color scheme is a very bold one. If you’re looking for a fun and memorable look, then you should consider this one!

Purple nail Arts to Show Off

Purple Flower nails

Purple Flower nail art is one of the easiest styles to do, and it looks great for the start of summer or spring.

If you want to try out something easy and quick to look elegant, this will do the trick! All you need are around two colors of nail polish. In this case,

we’re using purple and blue. You’ll want to apply the purple first. Then, sparingly put on the blue or you can use a toothpick to draw lines like in the picture.

Purple animal pattern nails

Purple animal pattern nails are a big trend. It’s important to know that whatever event you go to, you’ll be able to find the perfect design for you.

Animal print is a popular design, but you can also get cool nails that look like flowers or cool designs that look like watermelons! The design possibilities are endless!

Purple Long Stiletto Nails

Long stiletto nails are quite the looker on your fingers. They make them look elegant, which is the main goal for people who choose to wear them.

Try a purple nail polish. The color is gorgeous and it will catch the light. Purple can be worn by anybody.


We hope you enjoyed this beautiful nail ideas and most recent style. With this information you can try out some new purple nail designs and styles. We know that purple is a beautiful color that can be the perfect shade for any occasion. So go ahead and try a Fresh and unique purple nail design today!

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