Simple Nail Designs for Girls in 2023

Simple Nail Designs, Fashion trends, beauty, and style keep changing rapidly leaving all eyes gazing at the hottest “it” thing.

2023 marks a year of classics made fashionable and less sparkly looks. Here’s a compilation of the top nail designs of the year that promise to make a statement!

1. Abstract Art

One of the biggest trends of the season, Abstract Art designs offer a modern take on traditional manicures with the perfect balance of high-end fashion and edgy vibes. You can pick any bright or neutral color to create a beautiful abstract pattern.

abstract nail art ideas

2. Japanese Splatter Nail Design

Another trendy design for 2023 is the Japanese Splatter Manicure. This look is more adventurous and unique with splatters of multiple colors spread across your nail in an abstract form. It offers a high-fashion vibe to your overall look.

3. Glittery Tips

This classic style is everywhere and can transform your nails from basic to glamorous! All you need is to apply a coat of glossy nail color and then use glitter nail polish at the tip of each nail to create a beautiful contrast.

4. Colored Tips

If you’re looking for something even simpler, colored tips are perfect! All you have to do is to apply a coat of light-colored nail polish and paint the tips with darker shades to add a cool layered effect.

Colored nail art ideas

5. Understated Floral

Floral nail design is a timeless classic for any season and will never go out of style. To get this look, draw minimal floral patterns on each nail and use a matte topcoat for extra elegance.

The simplicity of these designs and the ease of recreating them makes them easily wearable for everyday events. So, upgrade your style and have fun with these modern-day manicure trends!

simple nail designs 2023

What are the most popular simple nail designs for 2023?

1. French Manicure

2. Nail Art Stripes

3. Ombre Nails

4. Geometric Nail Art

5. Glitter Accents

6. Marble Nails

7. Negative Space Nail Art

8. Floral Nail Art

9. Statement Nails

10. Dotted Nails

Simple Nail Designs 2023

If you want to get your nails done on a budget, don’t worry! You can still have beautiful nails without spending a fortune. Simple nail designs are all the rage in 2023.

Simple but Stylish

simple but stylish nails

These designs are still super stylish for 2023. They emphasize quality over quantity and keep it basic without bringing too much attention. Here are a few simple nail designs trends for 2023:

  • Minimalistic Nail Art: Minimalistic and subtle nail art is perfect for the office, school, or even a night out. Color geometries, classic lines, and dots are some of the most popular designs.
  • Half-Moon Manicure: This trend is classic and never gets old. The half-moon manicure is a timeless simple design with a curved French tip.
  • Ombre Manicure: For those daredevils, an ombre manicure is one of the simple yet stylish designs in 2023. Ombre manicures usually feature three colors and work best with dark colors.
  • Gradients: Gradients are also in 2023. This design features colors that blend from one shade to another in a melodic sequence.


Simple nail designs are all the rage in 2023. Highlighting quality over quantity, these simple designs will keep your nails looking chic and stylish without putting a dent in your wallet.

From geometries, classic lines, and dots to gradients and ombres, there are various designs that you can try for a simple but elevated look.

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