Stunning Winter Nail Colors Ideas for 2023

Winter Nail Colors Ideas – Winter is a season where you might feel like you’re stuck in a gray and brown gloom. But here’s a way to make things brighter:

Picking a bright and bold nail color for this season can really spice up your winter look. Here are some of the hottest winter nail colors to try out this season!

Warm Reds

Warm Reds winter nails

If you love red nails in the wintertime, choose a warm red that stands out from the sea of gray days.

Rich oxblood and dark berry hues are the perfect shades to choose from – these warm shades of red always look inviting and never fail to make any look instantly more interesting.

Deep Purples

If red is too bold for you, go for something a little more subtle, like deep purples! An almost-black hue like eggplant can add a mysterious, vampy effect to your look.

Or try mauvey lavender shades that are still deep and dark but with a hint of coolness.

Wintery Blues

Blues nails for winter

Bold blues can still look great in the winter – in the right hues. Think of deep blue greys or navy blues that are reminiscent of the snow-covered winter skies. These shades add an unexpected pop of color that still feels wintry and classic.

Glamorous Golds

Feel like adding some glamour to your winter style? Then reach for golden nail polish! Look for golds with a hint of olive, bronze, or copper for the perfect winter nail shade. This color will look great on all skin tones and instantly add a touch of sparkle to any look.

Must-Try Metallics

Metallics are the perfect nail colors for the winter season. And there’s a lot of room to mix and match colors, too. Look for golds, silvers, bronzes, or coppers to give your nails a luxe look. Or opt for a blend of warm copper and bronze for an unexpected twist.

Metallics nails arts for winter

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Winter Nail Color

    • Think of colors you don’t normally wear in the summer. Winter is the perfect time to try trendier colors and shades that you might be wary of in the hotter months. So think of colors you usually wouldn’t consider and give them a whirl!
    • Experiment with different finishes. Matte, glossy, metallic, shimmery…the possibilities are endless. See which colors look best with each finish and let your nail artist know your preferences.
    • Keep an extra bottle of your favorite winter color on hand. That way, when your color starts to chip or fade, you can easily refresh it for an instant pop of color.

Q: What are the best winter nail colors for 2023?

A: Popular winter nail color trends for 2023 include deep, sultry shades like dark browns, dark reds, dark blues, and deep purples.

Metallic silver, black, nude, and charcoal grays are also popular. For something more festive, try brighter colors such as hot pinks, greens, and oranges.

For a unique look, combine colors such as pink and silver, blue and gold, or silver and bronze for an unexpected twist.


Winter is a great time to experiment and get creative with your nail colors. Reach for richer hues and bolder winter palettes to make a statement and stand out from the drabness of winter weather. So don’t be afraid to go out and find the perfect winter nail color!

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