Do you sometimes wonder what the secret of beauty is? What makes a person so attractive? What distinguishes your attractiveness?
Mostly we combine beauty purely with the external. But true beauty consists of much more, namely, of your inner radiance.
In everyday life, unfortunately, we too often lose sight of ourselves. The profession requires enormous commitment, the children demand our full attention, the relationship with the partner wants to be maintained and the to-do list is always on our backs. No wonder we then take ourselves out of focus.


How are you doing? Are you always annoyed that you do not have enough time for you? In the morning in the bathroom, you do without makeup, because that just does not fit into your schedule? To look after a good outfit for the next day, you are too tired the night before? Shopping is annoying only because it costs you too much time and unfortunately, the result is anything but satisfactory? Your beloved sports lesson has become another date in your calendar? Just sit down to drink a cup of coffee and let your mind wander, you are missing the rest? And for a company in the evening, you are often simply too tired?

Doing something good for yourself often sounds so banal and is often so difficult to implement in everyday life. In the process, it would be precisely these leisure times and the conscious time for you that could bring about the desired balance that you so desperately need.


Have you ever noticed how different you feel when you do something good for yourself? The special thing is that not only you can feel this positive effect, but that you can look at it if you take yourself important and invest more time in yourself. Your inner radiance, which arises, is supported by

  • a stronger sense of self-esteem, because you take yourself again important
  • a deeper satisfaction, because you hear again more on what moves you and is really important to you
  • more self-confidence, because you realize more and more, who you are and what you want
  • a greater impact on the outside, because this inner process will change your appearance and actions.

A big effect, once you start to take yourself back, do not you think so too? You do not have to turn your whole life around in order to achieve that. You do not need to book big blocks of time for that. Suffice it, when you first prepare to take small steps to make your inner beauty shine.


Start planning your little time-outs in everyday life, which can actually be just 5 minutes. It is important that you press it necessarily at your brooding and Sorgeareal in the brain on the pause button. That will not be easy for you at the beginning. But do not give up immediately. It is a matter of practice not to hold thoughts but to let them go on. You will see, in time it will be easier for you. It is important that you stick to it, but do not judge you, even if it did not work out. Then you start again the next day.

Go with your intention to do good to you not again into the outside, so that you spend this time with others or think about activities that distract you more, but stay with you consciously. It may seem a little unusual and not so easy to endure, but in time you will literally love to spend time with you alone and to meet yourself.


  • When waking up, think of one thing when it will be a successful day for you. Stay realistic.
  • Try to perceive during the day where you feel real joy and stay for a little while. Of course, you can also make a note of these discoveries.
  • It is also a wonderful opportunity to pay special attention to your body. Our skin is our largest organ and already has four meters of nerve tracts in a single square centimeter. You understand how much your body will thank you if you give it a lot of caresses and take good care of your skin. You can find further valuable possibilities around the feel-good factor skin here.
  • In the evening you can think about what you are grateful for that day. Try to find at least 3 better for 5 things. Also, look at the details and do not forget what you often take for granted.

That’s a lot to implement and practice for the beginning. There are many other ways to bring your inner radiance and beauty to bloom but first concentrate on a few. You can start with just one exercise.
I wish you a lot of fun while trying out, practicing and being with you.

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