Tommy Nails in the Year of 2023: How This Manicurist Keeps Up With Trends

Tommy Nails is a professional manicurist who has been in the business for over a decade. His creative flair and dedication to keeping up with the latest trends have made him one of the most sought-after nail technicians in the industry.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how Tommy continues to stay ahead of the curve in the year of 2023 and how he keeps his clients looking and feeling their best.

We’ll take a look at what new trends are emerging and how Tommy is incorporating them into his work.

What will be popular?

tommy's nails Ideas and Trends

The year 2023 promises to bring a range of new and exciting trends in nail art, as the industry continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Of course, many of the staples will remain, such as classic colors like red, pink, and black. But we will also see some fresh colors, shapes, and finishes that promise to turn heads.

Glittering metallic accents, bold graphic designs, and 3D nail art are all expected to be big in 2023.

With advancements in technology, the possibilities are nearly limitless when it comes to nail art. Nail technicians should prepare for a busy year ahead!

What colors will be in style?

In the year 2023, fashionistas will be wearing a variety of fun and vibrant colors. Metallics are making a comeback, with flashy golds and silvers being seen at the fingertips of celebrities and everyday people alike.

Natural shades such as nudes and pale pinks will still be popular, but bright colors will be the stars. Anything from rich blues to coral oranges is expected to make waves in the nail scene.

It’s all about expressing your personal style and having fun with it!

tommy's nails Polish Ideas

What shapes will be in style?

In the year 2023, expect to see a variety of shapes when it comes to nail designs. Square and almond-shaped nails are on the rise in popularity, with square nails taking the top spot as the most requested shape.

Coffin and stiletto nails remain popular choices for those looking for something a bit more dramatic, while rounded and ballerina shapes are still great options for those who want a classic look.

Oval nails are also becoming increasingly popular for those who want a chic and timeless look. In addition, expect to see more intricate and abstract shapes like crescents, starbursts, and teardrops in the coming year.

What finishes will be in style?

In the year 2023, a wide range of finishes will be in style. Manicurists can expect to see high shine, matte, glitter, and holographic looks.

The use of chrome, caviar, and jelly nail polish finishes will also be popular. Nail art fans will likely love the range of intricate 3D designs and hand-painted works of art that can be achieved with these varied finishes.

Finishes such as marble tommy nails and ombre will still be popular in the year 2023, allowing for an almost infinite range of looks.

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