15+ Winter Nail Inspiration to Try Out Now

Winter Nail Inspiration – Winter is all about staying cozy with warm layers and sipping hot cocoa.

But don’t forget to turn up the heat with winter nail art!

Whether you’re planning a special New Year’s look or just a cute set for the season, here’s some winter nail art inspiration you won’t want to miss.

Embellished Nails

Put the gold and silver glitter aside, and opt for something edgier. This winter you can get creative and decorate your nails with fun pieces like gems, pearls, and feathers.

Why not use a few gems at the cuticle of your manicure and add a few pearls or feathers on the tips of each finger for an extra touch?

winter Embellished Nails


Decorate your nails with white snowflakes for a cold winter vibe and a dose of winter charm. Let your nails be the platform and go for classic blue, red, and white color palettes.

Alternatively, you can even emboss snowflakes with shimmery glitters for an extra magical touch.

Nude with Glitter Tips

Get your nails ready for winter with this intricate and easy nail design. Select nude nail polish shades with subtle glitter accents at the end of each finger.

You can also add a classic top coat to make the design last longer.

Nude with Glitter nails
Nude with Glitter nails

Abstract Geometric Nails

Take your nail art skills up a notch and create abstract geometric shapes. One of the most popular designs is a combination of straight lines, stripes, and dots on a white base.

You can also try placing bold shapes and filling them with complementary glitter or classic metallic shades.

Graphic Nails

The coolest way to impress this winter is to go for graphic nails.

The most fashionable option consists of black, white, and neon hues, but you can also try the graphic design in more natural and classic shades.

Let these winter nail inspo ideas be the start of your next manicure. With these artistic looks, you can take your nail look to the next level and make winter a lot brighter, sparkly and stylish!

Graphic Nails winter

White Winter Nails

Winter nails are a classic look for any special occasion or just for everyday wear. Some of the most classic and timeless white winter nail designs include classic French manicures, candy-cane stripes, snowflake designs, and sparkly glitter designs.

To keep nails looking icy cool for the winter season, opt for a matte white or pearl finish. For a more glamorous look, try adding touches of silver, red, or blue.

You could also dress up plain white nails with one accent nail with a sparkly design.

Blue Winter Nails

Winter blue nails can be achieved with a light blue polish. You can accessorize the nail design with sparkles or white/gray stripes to give it a wintery theme.

You can also paint a wintry design on your nails like snowflakes, Christmas trees, or snowmen.

You could even have an ombre effect with dark blue at the base and light blue at the top.

Winter Nail Colors

Winter Nail Colors

1. Deep Burgundy

2. Metallic Gold

3. Navy Blue

4. Soft Gray

5. Magenta

6. Pale Pink

7. Mauve

8. White

9. Forrest Green

10. Cream

Winter Nails 2023

2023 will be all about bright and vibrant colors! Think bright neons and holographic finishes for a bold look.

Try mint green nail polish for a softer, pastel feel, or pair light blue with gold accent nails for a subtle shimmer.

If you’re feeling daring, go for a deep, maroon-red, or magenta gloss polish with glittery stars on one or two nails.

From holographic accents to French tips, there is sure to be a nail trend to suit every taste.

10 Winter Nail Inspos

Winter is here, and that means it’s time to spice up your nails with some unique winter inspo! Keep reading for 10 awesome ideas to try this season!

Glittery French Tips

For a subtle and elegant look, why not try a glittery French mani? The perfect finishing touch to any winter wardrobe.

Winter Floral

Take your mani to the next level with some winter floral. Choose a cool color palette to really make your nails pop!

Navy and Gold

Make a statement with this timeless combination of navy and gold. Create an accent nail with a bold gold design for an extra wow factor.

Glitzy Snowflakes

Go all out with some glitzy snowflakes. Use a twinkling white polish and a few thin glittery lines to create the perfect snowflake design.

Muted Metallics

Make your nails shine with a muted metallic look. Choose a cool color like silver or copper and keep the designs simple for a chic and subtle finish.

Winter Ranges

Mix up your winter mani with winter ranges. Choose a light blue polish and then use a thin white line along the bottom edge of the nail for a dreamy look.

Frosted Tips

Make your tips dazzle with a frosted tip mani. Pick a base color that compliments your winter wardrobe and add sparkling glitter for an icy finish.

Red and Gold

Opt for a holiday-ready look with a combination of red and gold. Start with a deep red polish and then create an accent nail with metallic gold designs for a festive and stylish mani.

Snowy Ombre

Get creative with a snowy ombré mani. Start with a smooth base color and then gradually blend in lighter shades at the tips for a wintry effect.

Winter Nail Inspiration Sparkle

Spice up your nails with some winter sparkle. Go for a dark polish and then add some thin lines of sparkly glitter to create an eye-catching look.

We hope you found some great ideas to try this winter. Get creative and see what looks you come up with!

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